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We are committed to being partners with our clients in realizing their financial ambitions. We offer excellence and sensitivity in tailoring strategies to the financial and legal needs of same-sex couples, individual members of our community, and our supporters.

Most People Don't Complete Their Estate Plans

July 16, 2014

Gay or straight, when it comes to wills and estate planning, people have a hard time finishing what they start, says Jennifer Hatch of New York-based Christopher Street Financial, which specializes in LGBT clients.

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Uncle Sam Wants to Give You a Gift

April 8, 2014

It’s a gift that can make every woman’s (and man’s) retirement years that much nicer. It’s easy to collect your gift. Just do this, says Jennifer Hatch of Christopher Street Financial, a New York financial advisory firm that specializes in advice for LGBT persons.

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Attention Same-Sex Couples Who Just Said "I Do"

April 3, 2014

With all the advantages that come from being legally married may come some tax disadvantages, though they are more than offset by the advantages, as Jennifer Hatch of New York-based Christopher Street Financial, the well-known financial advisory firm for LGBT's, emphasizes.

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