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475 Park Avenue South

Suite 2100

New York, NY 10016

T: 800-262-6644

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The Christopher Street Financial team offers a broad range of financial products and services.  Through our business partners and affiliations, we can address your entire financial life.



The Christopher Street Financial team embraces a total financial planning approach in working with our clients.  We spend time with each individual to assess each client’s needs, goals, time horizon and appetite for risk.  We believe that consideration of these factors are the critical elements in a successful investment plan.



The Christopher Street Financial team seeks to deliver consistent long-term performance through scientifically constructed asset allocation portfolios.  Studies have confirmed our belief that the overwhelming determinant of success in an investment strategy is not based on which specific stocks or funds are selected, but how the assets are divided among asset classes (e.g., cash, bonds, foreign stocks, etc.).¹



After our advisors analyze a client’s circumstances, they develop a proposal for the allocation to specific asset categories. We then select individual investment managers who have demonstrated a consistent ability to outperform their peers.²     For some clients, we may select mutual funds, and for higher-net-worth accounts, we may recommend institutional money managers.  Rebalancing of the portfolio and reassessment of the manager commitments are ongoing, and portfolio adjustments are made as warranted.



The Christopher Street Financial team can assist you to make financial and investment decisions which are appropriate for you.  Our resources – expert and experienced professionals, state of the art technology, and up to the minute information – enable us to deliver the results you need to realize your financial dreams.

¹ Diversification does not guarantee against loss. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

² Past performance is no guarantee of future results