475 Park Avenue South

Suite 2100

New York, NY 10016 

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Lane Spigner, Marketing, LGBT, gay advisors


Our purpose


We partner with our clients in the community to provide specialized financial planning expertise. Our best work enables these clients to live their best lives.


Our future


Doing the best for our clients today defines our success tomorrow.


Our beliefs


Fiduciary Commitment

At the heart of our purpose is the protection of our clients’ best interests. Our first question when we are making a decision is:  What is the right thing for this client?


Expertise with Devoted Service

Our clients trust us to understand their needs. They rely on us to take care of their futures.  They make a commitment to partnering with us.  They do that because of our deep expertise in financial planning, wisdom, compassion and care.


Diverse Talents Focused Together

We act as a unified team, while doing our best work in our individual roles. Success requires collaboration, communication and respect for each other’s unique abilities.


Enjoyment and Satisfaction

We have passion for our work. We have fun, yet respect the gravity of our roles.  We approach challenges with optimism. We believe that a good life means enjoying our days to the fullest.