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John Peplow

Ralph and Sheryl Randazzo are siblings and both skilled and compassionate attorneys who provide high quality estate planning, elder law, and estate administration.  Their care and commitment to service address every chapter of life – from planning for a family’s financial future, to attending to the small details that ensure the comfort of daily living.

A CPA firm, with Tina Salandra as its head, has over 20 years of experience in financial services.  Her clients include small business owners, high net worth professionals, and not-for-profit organizations.

The computer systems, servers, and networks you use everyday are crucial to the operation of your business.  But, your small-to-medium size business probably cannot afford a full-time IT or systems employee.  So, when there is a problem, a critical system is down, or you need new systems to expand your capabilities, to whom do you turn? Christopher Street Financial uses DigiDr.com!

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R Family Vacations offers the most inclusive GLBT vacations. Our vacations are designed for gays, lesbians, their families (kids included!) and their friends. Everyone is welcome! Join us on one of our upcoming trips and experience the magic of R Family.

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14 Stories is a boutique wedding planning firm and was the country's first to specialize in planning legal gay and lesbian weddings.  They opened their doors as same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts in 2004, but have teams actively planning in Boston, New York, Chicago and anywhere else you'd like them to go!

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