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T: 800-262-6644

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Jennifer Hatch,Jen Hatch , CFP, Wealth Advisor, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor

The Christopher Street Financial team offers specialized services for your total financial life.


Because our community is as diverse as the world is wide, we are not able to assist everyone — but we are specialists in wealth building and management.  That doesn’t mean that you need to have a million dollars to join us, but you are probably on your way — you just need a partner to help you.  Take the first step and consider us for all your financial needs.


They probably include some of the following:


  • Preserving and growing your wealth

  • Investing appropriately for your goals

  • Planning retirement income distributions

  • Reducing the burden of taxes

  • Minimizing the effects of inflation

  • Planning your estate

  • Establishing charitable legacies

  • Planning for specific financial goals